Product Spotlight: Spiced Amber Ale

I don’t have a lot of masculine products, but I try to give them the same feature as my more gender neutral to feminine products. Men want to smell good too! Spiced Amber Ale is one of my few masculine products!

Spiced Amber Ale is one of my darker scents in my shop. It doesn’t smell like I just dumped a bottle into some glycerin and I’m packaging it up again. Don’t worry, you won’t get pulled over for DUI if you use this soap! Spiced Amber Ale is more of multiple different scents of the various notes in a beer.

This ale inspired fragrance is really unique! The fragrance starts with a fresh citrus top note and has a warm, exotic finish.  The base is a wonderful synergy of pine, clove, honey and vanilla. You may recognize some of these notes when you smell a bar of my soap or burn one of the wax tarts. Honey is an ingredient in some brews! It uses enough notes found in beer while balancing with a few other notes to create a proper base. You’ll smell beer because you’ll recognize the honey notes from that one beer you tried on Friday.

I highly recommend it for guys that prefer darker, spicier scents like Black Tea. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you give this scent a shot! Ha… alcohol humor!

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