Week-In-Instagram: Jan 3rd- Jan 9th

My cold took a terrible turn yesterday so I’m blogging today! Thankfully I the worst seems to be over for me- not so much my boyfriend. I hope he feels better soon! I can’t believe we’re both sick the week of our anniversary! Sharing is caring I guess?

Let’s take a brief look back at 2015. I made a mini goal for my business to ship to all 50 states. It was a lofty goal that I certainly didn’t think I would come close to meeting in my first year of business. Turns out I’m pretty close! I’ve shipped to more than half the country in less than a year! But I’m still hoping to cover this map in green so if you know anyone in the white states spread the word! Maybe I’ll put out a promo code once my map is filled up! 😉

For more business related news I have some stock updates. Alpine Frost, my most popular male scent since Bonsai, is down to the last few bars! As of this post I only have 2 bars left and no plans to remake this scent until Fall/Winter 2016. With the Spring line coming closer and closer, I can’t keep restocking old scents! In fact, quite a few different scents are dwindling! New and old stock is starting to disappear…

… Like Fresh Brewed Coffee! I only have 1 of the wax tarts left! I still have a handful of soaps left but many scents in both forms are in low stock! Examples include: Moroccan Mint (1 wax tart, 2 soaps), Peach Smoothie (2 soaps), Island Coconut (2 soaps) and Vanilla Bean (2 wax tarts, 3 soaps).

Depending on what old stock is left, we may or may not see some returns! Not that I’m worried about keeping the shop stocked: I have 90 different items listed!


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