Plans for Spring 2016

I almost typed “2015” for the title. Oops! It’s going to be at least another month before I start writing 2016 normally. The Spring line for 2016 will launch in March, the same month as the actual first day of Spring. I’ve been thinking for a while about how I want to do it.

If you recall my business launched at the end of February with 20 scents: a combination of Spring and Summer. I changed that up and split the season for Autumn and Winter. I like the idea of splitting all the seasons so I’m going to do so for Spring. Currently I do still have some dwindling stock in my shop. I’m hoping to sell as much of that as I can before March. I will discontinue remaking of Autumn and Winter collection items and let those sell out gradually.

For the remaining Spring/Summer stock I will only remake what has been shifted to the Spring season. So not all of my products that launched will be made at this time. Any remaining products will be remade for the Summer line way down the road. I’m in the process of separating the scents in a way that makes sense.

Since I usually have 10 unique fragrances for every season I may “retire” some not as popular stock and replace it with more popular or seasonal fares. The best way to ensure a scent you like stays is to buy it! But you can also contact me on my social media and let me know what scents you like or even ones you haven’t seen and would like to try!


Check out my Etsy Shop, see behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram, follow me on Twitter and watch me on YouTube!


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