Week-In-Instagram: Jan 10th- 16th

I’ve been a little less active on Instagram lately. Unfortunately it’s a bit of a slow time since the most exciting part of the business is paperwork (joy) and I’ve got a bit of a sinus infection still. I’m going to try to be a bit more active!

Look at my nice planner! See all the nice stickers that got slapped with “cancelled” and “rescheduled” stickers because both of us are still a bit sick! This is probably the millionth time I’ve rescheduled the Star Wars movie… One day I will see it! My boyfriend and I still had a fun anniversary anyway with a trip to the arcade.

Back on the east coast my dog was expecting some snow. Yara loves to play in snow! I don’t know where she gets it since I hate snow, my mom hates snow, and Chichi hates snow! That is a face of pure disappointment! Poor baby…

In a business related announcement, none of my coffee scented items will be part of the Spring 2016 collection! I’ve decided to save them for another time so what is in stock is what stays until I bring them back in a later collection! The Fresh Brewed Coffee and Hazelnut Cafe items were highly reviewed by many different people. Hazelnut Cafe soap sold out in August! I still have Fresh Brewed Coffee soap and wax tarts in both scents. Get them now or risk waiting for the restock!

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