Sorting Out The Business!

This definitely won’t be the most exciting blog post you’ve ever read. Last night my boyfriend and I spent a few hours taking care of the legal aspects of the business. I’m pleased to say that almost everything is done! The only thing I still have to do is renew my business insurance policy. I know, you can’t handle the level of excitement I’m having!

In Washington state (at least for me) I had to renew my business license. It’s a yearly fee but thankfully I didn’t have to pay extra because I didn’t have employees that eat up hours. If you exceed a certain number of hours you have to pay extra. It’s still just me doing the work for now but maybe one day I’ll need help. For now my boyfriend is content with his role of helping out on the legal side… and the occasional scent sniffing!

If you think license renewal is fun you’d just love taxes! I’m not gonna lie, the packet of information they sent me about taxes was enough to make me want to close my business. They need a packet for people like me that have no legal background for a simple home business. Most of the information included didn’t even apply to me! Can we get a “Small Business Taxes for Dummies” version? Thankfully it’s done so hopefully I did everything correctly and won’t have to pay more. As long as you do it you’re better off than not filing. Now we can look forward for the year of 2016 with full legal backing! Just another day at the home office.

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