Product Spotlight: Dark Chocolate Mocha

Nothing starts the morning off on a good note like coffee. Literally nothing! Sorry kids, the time will come one day where you open your eyes and realize if you don’t have an injection of caffeine you will not willingly leave the comfort of your bed. How you have your coffee is up to you. I always have cream and sugar in mine. Flavored creamers are a fantastic way to have chocolate in the morning!

Dark Chocolate Mocha was inspired by my favorite coffee drinks. I use Bailey’s Chocolate Mudslide creamer in my morning cup at home. When I do get around to Starbucks I enjoy the mocha frappuccinos and the seasonal peppermint mocha. Did I mention chocolate for breakfast is great?

Dark Chocolate Mocha is the best of my more popular products: Fresh Brewed Coffee and Rich Chocolate. Naturally, these scents are very popular on their own but the idea of combining them was a no brainer! It took a while to find a fragrance that balanced both scents evenly. Coffee is very bitter and can overpower easily, while chocolate can be a bit painfully sweet. This is the perfect indulgent bath product for your home! The man of the house can have a bar of Fresh Brewed Coffee, the Mrs can enjoy Dark Chocolate Mocha and Jr. can enjoy a Rich Chocolate! It’s a win-win for the whole family!


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