Week-In-Instagram: Jan 17th- 23rd

My morning, every morning, summed up in a photo. It’s time for the Week-In-Instagram!

Nothing like a hot coffee and a planner. The morning routine is pretty much the same: Wake up, sigh heavily because the bed seems like a better option, drink coffee (with Bailey’s chocolate mudslide creamer and sugar), review my day in my planner and get to work! Such is my exciting life! 😛

I’m so proud of this picture of my Almond Biscotti sample sized soaps. The colors are so warm and beautiful. You can only get these small squares in my soap sampler! It’s a great foodie scent and would go great in a sampler with Apple Cinnamon, Caramelized Crimson Pear and German Chocolate Cake! Mmmm… is it to early for dessert?

In foodie product news, Toasted Marshmallow had its curtain call. Sometimes items sell out at the most unusual of times! I wasn’t expecting it to sell out but it did! I have a few scents in low stock that could sell out any minute! I know a lot of people like to wait for special occasions or sales but I can’t advise doing that for a lot of my products! I’ve already been flooded with questions about the return date of previously sold out products! Be patient: Spring is coming! Soon!


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