Product Spotlight: Winter Gardenia

So we enter the final full week of January. Is it too soon to say time flies? I don’t think so! It feels like we just watched the New Year celebration on TV last night! Well, no better way to round out the first month of the new year than with a product spotlight on the last winter 2015 scent: Winter Gardenia.

Winter Gardenia was a risky and bold choice. Florals are pretty limited in their overall demographic appeal. Typically, only women of certain ages choose floral scents. Fruity scents tend to be a bit more popular with younger girls and women, while floral appeals to the older crowd in most instances. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to try it!

Coming up with a design was hard: how do you make a pretty winter floral? I wanted to avoid bold, summery colors without making it plain. I looked at many pictures and saw a sea of mostly white. I kept that concept in mind to tie the floral and winter theme together but just white wasn’t enough. Scrolling through Instagram I saw a bouquet of roses, gardenias and other flowers. It was a beautiful mix of pink, purple and white. I love purple and it is a color I associate with a lot of flowers. After a ton of mixing I found the perfect shade for a more muted look.

Overall I’m in love with the design and the scent compliments it perfectly! Sweet, but not too sweet, with light powdery notes that remind me of fresh snow. I can’t decide what I like it better for: soap or wax tarts!

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