Week-In-Instagram: Jan 24th- 30th

January is over today. I still can’t believe the month passed by this quickly! Oh well, I’m sort of ready for February. My dad has his birthday, Valentine’s Day, working on the Spring 2016 line etc etc. A busy, yet productive month awaits!

Might as well wave goodbye to January with a snapshot of my last week of January planner layout. I still hate the color orange but I love blue! My month overall went pretty well (if you ignore the sick thing…). I’m keeping up with my resolutions nicely! I’ve been doing my Italian lessons everyday, I’m almost done with my book and I’ve been rehydrating way more than before. I call that a win win!

Do you live on the East Coast of the U.S.? If so, you probably got a nice heaping blizzard somewhere near you! My mom and dad were buried so badly that it took my dad 8 hours to fully clear the sidewalk and driveway! Forget that! But not everyone hated the snow. Yara, my dog living with my mom, loves snow. She realized she was limited in her snow clearing abilities so she decided to eat the snow. Yes, my dog was clearing snow by eating it. That’s my girl!


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