Poll: New/More Scent Types

I recently held a poll for returning scents for the upcoming Spring 2016 collection. I love using polls to gather feedback! It’s quick, easy and easier to sort through than reviews, messages and comments! This is more of a general poll than any one products or season. I have a predominantly male customer base (who knew!) but my sales have ranged in every direction. Just because you’re male or female doesn’t mean you always go for the expected items! Whether you’re young or old, male or female, domestic or international, I have at least 1 item to appeal to you! At least, I hope I do!

This poll is to gauge everyone on the types of fragrances you want to see tweaked to my shop after having a chance to browse. This is the type of poll I’ll probably be redoing at least once a year. Trends and individual tastes change, so why shouldn’t my shop?

Keep in mind, not every scent fits into only one category. For example, lavender can fit under floral and aromatherapy!

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