Week-In-Instagram: Jan 31st- Feb 6th

Time for a mini throwback to the last day of January! Doesn’t it seem like we were taking down Christmas decorations yesterday? I’m sure that might be the case for some people! This year is leap year so I’m hoping to take advantage of the extra day to hold onto my goals for the year and finish the Spring Collection in time for an early March release!

As usual I have a lot to juggle this month- more so with the Spring Collection! I like to keep myself organized with style in my Erin Condren planner! I posted another photo of a swapped out new cover, purple geodes,  to go with this romantic month. Who is celebrating Valentine’s Day this year? I probably won’t do much but I’ll cook a nice meal for my boyfriend. That’s love 365… er, 366 days a year!

Speaking of Spring, last night was quite fragrant as my boyfriend and I hammered out the last details for the collection! We decided to keep a few of the launch date scents that were more popular, add a few new ones and maybe a limited edition or two! No spoilers yet, but I couldn’t be happier with the choices! Keep an eye out on all my social medias (linked below) for any possible hints or spoilers in the future!

In a bit of a switch this month I’ve decided I’m going to try to feature a picture of someone I follow on Instagram! This week I asked to feature Kiykiyicosmetics, a fellow soap maker in Minnesota!  I don’t follow all soap makers but I have my fair share and this week I caught a glimpse of some serious color! I’ve made soaps similar to this when I first started experimenting as a hobby but this is another level! I can only imagine how good it must smell. Colorful soaps are my favorite, as long as they smell just as good! I totally recommend following her for some crazy cool pictures! Maybe one day I’ll make a big change like that!


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