Week-In-Instagram: Feb 14th- 20th

We’re entering the last week of February already! Even with the extra leap day, it’s crunch time for the business! It’s also a big milestone: One year of business on the 27th! Wow! Who knows what surprises are in store for everyone!

All my bars of soap have been made for the Spring Collection coming soon! No name spoilers, but this batch is a fruity and sweet scent that I think people will really enjoy! I’m very happy with how the swirl turned out and this picture really doesn’t do it justice.

If a whole bar is too much commitment for one scent, I’m cranking out samples for the sampler! I still have a lot of scents available from the past Autumn and Winter collections. I’ve added a variety of seasonal and holiday shapes in the form of flowers and bunnies! I’m going to keep my eyes peeled for even more mold options in the future! I’m trying to look for more small flowers and maybe an Easter egg look. If you’ve seen any small silicone molds with cool shapes let me know!

This week we have a guest post from another soaper I follow on Instagram! Revolution Soap Works posted this great picture of wax tarts. These colors are beautiful and I can only imagine what it smells like! Antique lace is such a sweet name. I’m also really wanting a mold like that for my shop! Give her a follow and check out the other amazing photos she posted! She really favors bold colors that creates a feast for the eyes.

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