Week-In-Instagram: February 21st- 27th

No guest post for this week as I want to focus on some big shop announcements!

First  major announcement is the Spring 2016 collection! February has given us an extra day due to leap year, but the Spring collection will still have a March launch date! I’m aiming for this Tuesday, March 1st, but in the event of site or human error it will hopefully launch within the first week. I have a few returning scents from my original shop launch as well as some new products!

In a change from the previous year, I’ve reduce the number of new wax tarts for my shop to 5 of each scent. I chose to do this to lighten the load in my personal life as well as the fact that the weather will stat warming up soon (for some it already has!) and wax tarts aren’t as popular during warmer months. I haven’t decided yet if this will be a permanent change, but I’d love to hear your feedback on this change! Sell outs during the season will get restocked but don’t expect a restock in September!

Happy birthday to The Black Currant! Well, yesterday was the 1st birthday of my shop. I made a small batch of Birthday Cake wax tarts to commemorate this huge milestone. Trivia time! Did you know the very first items to sell in my shop was a bar of Strawberry Rhubarb and Vanilla Bean soap! Both of these fragrances had some surges in popularity throughout the spring and summer! Strawberry Rhubarb is sold out (for now) but you can still purchase a bar of Vanilla Bean soap! Be warned, as of this post I only have 2 bars left!

For a special treat I’ve added promo code ONEYEAR20 for 20% off a $25 or more purchase to my shop for the remainder of February! That applies to ALL items in my shop, including sale items! Check out the shop and read all my rave reviews if you want to see what people say!


Check out my Etsy Shop, see behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram, follow me onTwitter and watch me on YouTube!


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