Spring 2016 Line Annoucement!

Hello first day of March! I’m counting the days until I can say hello to spring! I’m really over winter now and I want to start dressing a little lighter. Aside from a ton of rain I don’t really wear heavy layers here in Seattle but still. March is bringing some exciting changes: Spring is coming, Saint Patrick’s Day (shout out to the small % of my Irish background), Easter and new products to my business!

The date has been set! The Spring 2016 line will launch on Friday, March 4th! My plan was originally to make it the 1st or 2nd but with the extension of my anniversary sale I decided to give everyone a break, myself included. I’m still processing orders from the sale so please bear with me. I’m hoping everything will be out by tomorrow. I have 5 different products sell out during this sale! That’s crazy! Moroccan Mint wax tarts, Alpine Frost soap, Cucumber Melon soap, Peach Smoothie soap and Black Raspberry Vanilla soap all sold out during the sale!

I’d like to thank everyone that participated in my anniversary sale and everyone that leaves reviews and feedback for my shop. I think you’ll find some of those suggestions found their way into my new line. I hope you’ll join me this Friday in welcoming the new products. Thanks again for the support for the launch of my business and helping me meet and exceed my first year goals!


Check out my Etsy Shop, see behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram, follow me onTwitter and watch me on YouTube!


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