Week-In-Instagram: Feb 28th- Mar 5th

March is finally here! Spring is coming, my shop is stocked up and the weather will (hopefully) perk up some flowers! I’m excited for the fresh changes for the month. March is the month for transitions into Spring but sometimes it isn’t noticeable until April! I’m hoping the sun starts shining a little more this month… I’m tired of rainy Seattle weather! Don’t they know Spring is coming?

This change in the month means time to change my planner cover! I ordered this one during the Erin Condren bogo cover sale! It’s my first metallic cover and I love the green! I do have a very small percentage of Irish ancestry on my mother’s side but I don’t really go all Saint Patrick’s Day with it like some do. Did you know my brother-in-law is from Ireland? He’s a great guy but man his accent is thick and he talks so fast! I’m much better at understanding him now… most of the time!


In the month of transitions and changes I decided to change-up my bubble bath routine. I bought a sampler from the I Love brand and I’m starting out my tests with Chocolates & Oranges. Maybe I should review it? Maybe I will!


This weeks guest post comes from Julie of Wild Poppy Soap Co! Nothing prepares me for the spring and summer like bright, festive colors! I can only imagine how great it must smell. The blue is my favorite color but they all blend so nicely in this tropical swirl. Check out her page for more colorful creations!


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