The Black Currant- Now Shipping First Class!

As of the launch of the Spring 2016 line The Black Currant now ships First Class with USPS! One of my biggest suggestions was more shipping options. Shipping priority mail is nice but it is very pricey. It was even worst for my local customers that paid all this money for a package that would show up in 2-3 days anyway!

First class shipping is now available to all domestic customers as well as the international customers. I’m still testing it to find the perfect shipping rate. Please be patient as I tweak the pricing to find the perfect shipping rate. Once I’ve shipped more orders of different sizes I’ll hopefully be able to nail down a better rate.

Keep in mind that USPS ships by WEIGHT and that does change the pricing per item added to your cart. I find that first class shipping is ideal for west coast customers and small orders. Priority mail may be a better option for you. But all packages still include tracking info so you can keep an eye on your package!


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