Week-In-Instagram: Mar 6th- 12th

Is it okay to say “happy daylight savings” to someone? I think so! I really wish we would get rid of it like Hawaii. It’s just a cruel joke to make people miserable. I was not pleased by that lost hour of sleep!

Anyway, ignoring how much I enjoyed my coffee more than life itself it’s time for weekly Instagram posts! Last week I packed up a few orders with the new first class shipping. A good mix of new and old products! I burned some Blackberry Sage last night in my melter and I’m dying for more of it!

Has anyone elseĀ seen the reviews? So far Spring 2016 is a hit! I’ve been waiting patiently for the reviews and it was worth the wait! In a bittersweet moment, Birthday Cake has sold out! Maybe I’ll make them again sometime. I love the 2 toned look with jojoboa bed sprinkles!

This weeks guest post comes from the lovely candle concotioners? is that a word? It is now! The team at The Big White Yeti took a trip away from the usually wax and fragrance to draw inspiration from the earth. Did anyone follow the crystals fad in the 90s? My mom was a huge geode and crystal collector! It was a pretty silly trend but I think it will make a comeback soon. Personally I like anything blue or purple but my birthstone is Peridot! Check out her page for some sweet candle pouring! I’m very envious of all those big, beautiful candles…

Hunting for gems. #kettlemorainegeologicalsociety

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