Etsy Redesign- What Is It?

If you’re one of the thousands upon thousands of Etsy shop owners currently active, you many have noticed an email from the team talking about a redesign. I know what you’re thinking already. Changes to something as important as your Etsy shop can be met with joy or anxiety. Some welcome and embrace change as we rapidly run through the technology era. Others may not be so tech savvy or interested in change. But what has changed? Let’s take a look…

etsy redesign 1

From the main page of Etsy you can enter your shop as usual and click on the blue button to preview the new designs. This screen will pop up asking if you’d like to take a tour. Even the most tech savvy sellers should read through, as it updates a lot of features and mentions ones that may have previously gone under the radar.

etsy design 2

A few clicks in and you’ll find the listings have undergone some changes. This is probably the most important part of the update since this can be easily changed by even the most anti-tech shop owners. What this means is you can click the “rearrange listings” button to move around listings that are popular or new to the top of the page. No longer is the shop sorted by the most recent sales! This can be a great way to put your best foot forward with new and returning customers. Don’t forget the featured listings either. I’d save those spots for new items and special items like gift sets or limited edition items.

etsy redesign 3

Anyone who runs a serious business through Etsy has probably filled out the “About Me” section with a personal story or a breakdown of the inner workings of their shop. If you haven’t, you should! I know I take a shop more seriously when I see clearly outlined policies and stories filled out. I’m more likely to order because I think they take themselves seriously. The last thing you want floating in the back of your head is “I hope they ship my order on time… if at all!” Nobody likes a flake!

Adding photos of your products and maybe a few snapshots of your process is also a great way to illustrate your vision to buyers. Have something that makes your products stand out? Take a photo! While not a brand new feature, videos on Etsy is still relatively new and not many know about it. Even less have started making videos. If you’re like me, you use YouTube has a way to advertise. Etsy is trying to cut out the middle man to make it quicker and easier for everyone involved. Nobody wants to lose out on a sale because a buyer doesn’t feel like exploring a YouTube page on their phone! I haven’t tried this new feature yet but I hope to make something soon!

Etsy redesign 4

A few clicks later and the tour is over and you’re left to your own devices in arranging your shop. Everything is clearly marked with edit buttons and suggestions. I have to say, this update is pretty new user-friendly. Once you’ve fiddled with every nook and cranny you can preview your shop before committing to any serious changes. With the new update your shop is broken down in a string of all your hard work! Featured listings and shop announcements will greet potential customers followed by a few of your listings, latest reviews, shop updates (if you’ve been using them and you should!), your about page all wrapped up with your policies on the end. It makes it very easy for a buyer to get a feel for your brand and having those glowing 5 star reviews front and center doesn’t hurt! I’m ecstatic that my policies are listed up front for new customers. I can only imagine how many sales are lost each year because of misunderstanding or unread shop policies!

I’m happy with these changes and once they go into full effect by April 5th, I’ll definitely be giving them a thumbs up!


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