Week-In-Instagram: Mar 13th- 19th

Happy International Day of Happiness! It is also the first day of Spring but the weather is anything but Spring like on the east coast where my family lives. My boyfriend spoke to his mother today and she was just overjoyed to see snow. Did the sarcasm in that sentence come through well? I hope so!

The office painting journey continues! I am still picking and choosing colors for my office. I have until June to decide but every time I eliminate a color I pick more! I’m pretty sure my office will be blue. I think. Maybe. I did see one purple that looks nice… I’m never going to settle on a color! I should not be placed in front of walls of paint chips…

More paint samples? Don't mind if I do! #Paint #Painting #HomeOffice #SoManyColors

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Going back to other office choices, I sorted out my fragrance oil samples into one of my Target bins by season. This is my Spring/Summer box of fragrant goodness! I’m looking through trying to find any good ideas for limited editions. It’s so hard to choose!

This weeks guest post comes from Crystal Bar Soap! If you remember I guest posted some lovely stones and this post comes full circle with a stone theme again! These rough cut soaps feature a stone in the center! I love this page for the focus on chakra and balance with some of the loveliest bars of soap I’ve ever seen! You’d be missing out if you didn’t check out this page!

Reposting this amazing imagine from the beautiful @cave_and_canyon!! ✨✨ I love this women and her creations more then anything! She has such an amazing heart and I am so grateful to have been apart of her giveaway! One winner will receive one of our chakra kits 💕❤️☀️💛🌲🌍💙☮💜 along with 1some amazing prizes from our IG company! I let Hayley's amazing words finish the rest of this post as I am at @marketcollective today! Here till 6pm, come say hi! "Theris only 4 days left to enter the #CaveandCanyonLovesYou Gratitude Giveaway! Check the giveaway post a little ways back in the feed to enter! The winner receives 7 prizes including this beautiful Chakra Soap gift set from @crystalbarsoap! Kat creates beautiful handmade soaps and bathbombs with crystals inside! She pairs the energies of the stones with essential oils and ingredients that make her pieces good for the body and for the soul! Check out @crystalbarsoap and #washwithenergy! @crystalbarsoap @crystalbarsoap @crystalbarsoap Win this prize in the #CaveandCanyonLovesYou Giveaway – ending March 24th! ™@cave_and_canyon #crystalbarsoap #washwithenergy #caveandcanyonlovesyou #giveaway #chakra #chakrasoap #handmade #vegansoap #madewithlove #radiantlove #goodvibes

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