Week-In-Instagram: Mar 20th- 26th

Happy Easter everyone! This week in Instagram will be a bit different. No guest post this week! Guest posts will be back next week though! In the meantime enjoy these posts and time with friends and family… and chocolate! Mostly chocolate. πŸ˜‰

I was feeling very Spring this week. I even wore sandals out yesterday! It was a little cool out but in 2 weeks time the weather will probably heat up to proper sandal weather! I loved using these tulip stickers in my planner. My aunt loves tulips for Easter. I’m more of a hyacinth person myself. I wanted to plant some hyacinths in the garden this year but unfortunately they are so picky with temperature that they never last long enough to properly enjoy them.

Speaking of flowers, look at these beauties I saw at the store! I should have taken them home… I love all the natural colors that occur in flowers. Purple is my favorite but I love the gradients between colors. Can you tell I’m excited for planting my garden soon? April is going to be the garden overhaul month!

Keep an eye out on my Instagram today for some surprises! No hints, just go! πŸ˜‰


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