Week-In-Instagram: Mar 27th- Apr 2nd

Sorry for the late posting! Long day today and my feet are killing me! If you haven’t noticed the later posting… ignore this! Let’s move on to the first Week-In-Instagram of the month of April!

I created and listed 2 new Limited Edition wax tarts for the shop! Welcome the warm weather of spring (unless you live in the northeast right now…) with Green Fig and Pure Honey wax tarts! Green Fig is fresh and green with a very faint hint of floral to sweeten it up. Pure Honey smells like the greatest wildflower honey I’m not able to eat because eating wax is really bad! Seriously, resist the temptation to eat the wax!

Another major update to the shop: smaller padded mailers! I originally bought large ones for international shipping that were much larger. Since opening up first class mail to the U.S. I’ve been using these big mailers to ship small, single item orders. To make shipping cheaper and more efficient I’ve ordered small mailers for the small quantity customers! Enjoy!

This weeks guest post comes from Elena of Soap by Elena! Who doesn’t love the bright colors that come out after a long winters nap? I sure do! Elena has such virbant color in each bar of loofah soap. The colors are so sharp you can see the loofah inside! The blue is my favorite shade and the scent variety is great. If you love color, check out her page and her website! She sells from Australia for all my international readers. 😉

Check out my Etsy Shop, see behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram, follow me onTwitter and watch me on YouTube!


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