New Sale Annoucement!

Who doesn’t love a sale? I sure do! Most of the purchases I make are done during sales! Everyone loves a sale and so do shop owners. I have a lot of variety in my shop. So far, everyone is loving the variety. I expanded my variety with the samplers which people are raving about! I have an announcement in regards to an upcoming shop sale!

This Wednesday, April 6th. I will be launching the first of what may be a reoccurring sale for my shop: Wax Wednesday! Wax tarts are half of my business model and are available in all the scents of my glycerin soaps. My wax tarts have amazing reviews to match! While the wax sampler is great I want everyone to have a chance to stock their home or office with sweet scented wax tarts.

Tomorrow the sale will apply to only my wax tarts for the day. 24 hours to shop and buy! I’d love to hear feedback on this idea. I’d like to make this semi frequent sale or possible make future variation of this idea. So, starting at midnight on April 6th (Pacific Standard Time) check out the shop for discounted wax tarts for a limited time!


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