Week-In-Instagram: Apr 3rd- 9th

After quite an exhausting day yesterday I’m ready to kick back in my yoga pants with some blackberry ginger ale and read my books. But first, week in instagram postings must be done! I’m ready to start off what will be another hectic week looking at nice pictures.

April is the start of the metamorphosis for my year. The weather is getting nicer everyday, the garden will start taking shape soon, and so will my planner! Goodbye March and hello to my new April Erin Condren planner cover! I love purple and butterflies so I was ecstatic to get this cover for Christmas last year! It goes so well with my blue and purple stickers for the month!

In some fail news, I had my first dud in experimenting with candle making. This little tea light looks normal to most. I still needed to trim the wick but it looks like your average tea light right? Well, except for the fact that it’s the first ever brown tea light to be scented with strawberry rhubarb! My candle dye is incredible concentrated so when I use less than a pound of wax per batch even the smallest drop can be dramatic. The color is called “Apricot Sorbet” but in less than a pound of wax my strawberry rhubarb pie tea light looks more like a pie crust!

This weeks guest post comes from ย Bubble Trouble Soap in Ohio! Specializing in the cold process of soap making, her Etsy shop combines color with scent into unique bars of soap. The various swirls used in each batch are amazing! These are some shredded pieces of soap going into some soap cupcakes! I can’t wait to see the results! Check her out on Instagram and her Etsy shop!


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