Week-In-Instagram: Apr 10th- 16th

I haven’t been as active on Instagram lately so this might be more of a mini posting. I’ve been so busy with work and life that I’m not getting as many great pictures as I’ve wanted! This week I may make more candles and I think I have to make more Kentish Rain so look forward to that later this week!

Who doesn’t love their pets? I used to have a few small dogs but since I moved out west I’ve tried some smaller, but no less spoiled, hamsters. I do miss the fun of owning a dog but I like not having dog hair all over my clothes! My neighbors have a cute Shiba Inu that I’m secretly plotting to take one day when I come home from work… Either that or a cute dachshund. But I doubt I’d get such brilliant yoga poses with a dog. This hamster is more active than me some days!

I think my hamster broke! Or she's trying some new yoga. Namaste hamster.

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It’s a black and white selfie. Not much more to say about that! I used to wear bangs until high school but I might need them again after seeing my giant forehead! Big foreheads run in the family but nobody bothers to cover them!

This weeks guest post comes from my own boyfriend! He posts more odd stuff than I do but I always love when he takes cute pictures of our pet hamsters! It was either that or post his selfie that I took while I tried on clothes at H&M yesterday. Considering his background was a wall of bras I think I’ll go for the hamster picture…

Two SUPER squished snuggling hamsters! Probably the cutest pic I've ever taken lol

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