Week-In-Instagram: Apr 17th- 23rd

I’m keeping this post brief because I have jury duty tomorrow! Wee… I’m spending the night doing chores and trying to get as much done as possible so I can get to bed early. I am not looking forward to getting up at 7am on a Monday… In fact, I don’t like getting up at 7am any day! I’m more of a night owl so this change in schedule will not be fun…

For today we’re just going to feature this weeks guest post! This week I’m featuring a post from Carolyn of Siennalily Soaps! This is some of the coolest technique I’ve ever seen. I swear, I thought these were pictures of tiles when I was scrolling around! This picture is my second favorite, next to the blackberry soap post from a few days ago! Check out her page and her blog! https://siennalilysoaps.wordpress.com


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One thought on “Week-In-Instagram: Apr 17th- 23rd

  1. siennalilysoaps says:

    Thankyou so much Leanna. Glad you like these and the blackberry ones. This texture mat technique was taught in a challenge club and has quickly became one of my favourites too. I also like anything to do with Egypt☺️💕


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