Week-In-Instagram: Apr 24th- 30th

I’m so tired after work today… I don’t know where the caffeine from that mocha frappuccino went! Well, May is finally here which means things will only get busier! I’m going to spend the entire month preparing yet another collection of soap and wax tarts! I need a nap just typing that.

I’ve been looking for about a month or so at new paint colors for my office. I HATE the traffic cone orange walls so just about any color would be a massive improvement. I do take a bit of joy reading some of these paint names. Who has this job and how much does it pay? I think naming paint colors is my calling.


This past week I did my first soap related flash sale! I tested the idea before with my wax tarts so I thought I’d give the soap that same treatment. It was amazing! I had a few orders trickle in after that needed packing that are also in this picture. If only my happiness and enthusiasm could translate the extremely tired and sad USPS worker that sorted all of these…


This weeks guest post comes from Canard Labs in North Bend, Oregon! Everything about this post is amazing! The simplistic logo, the colors, the amazing boxes… I am in love! I love that Canard Labs is also a brick and mortar location. Maybe one day that will be me as well… If you don’t at least visit the site http://www.canardlabs.com/ I really don’t know why you don’t like nice things.


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