Week-In-Instagram: May 8th- 14th

Thank you everyone who had patience with me as I took a mini blog break this past week! I had so much going on around me I had to take the time to get everything done in my home and work life. This coming week is going to be busy but I’ll be able to post this week (pending natural disasters, giant monster attacks and spontaneous combustion).

It seems late but I’m testing the last new possibilities for the Summer of 16 line of products! These colors sure are crazy but they fit their scent! I’ve since gone through and eliminated some of these with my boyfriend. It came down to some being too mild and some smelling like some terrible chemical cleaner or flavored medicine.

Today is the final day of my Etsy sale! See, I told you to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for a reason! I have 2 different codes for orders of larger and smaller sizes. Last chance to swipe some sale items! Kentish Rain already sold out thanks to this sale!

Sale time! Happy weekend! #TheBlackCurrant #Etsy #Handmade #SmallBusiness #Sale

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This weeks guest post comes from The Big White Yeti at the Maker Market in Milwaukee! Man I have the hardest time spelling Milwaukee… Anyway, I’m a huge fan of the colorful jar candles! It looks great against the colorless wax and helps tell apart all the different scents. Did I mention all the scent they have? Probably millions but that’s an estimate. You can find Katie and Cody on Etsy if going to Milwaukee is a but out-of-the-way. If anyone can pick up a Mint Mojito, Bloomin’ Lilac or Delicious Apple candle for me that would be awesome! I may be a bit biased with my own choices but you can’t go wrong with Ginger Ale either!


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