Week-In-Instagram: May 15th- 21st

I’m so sorry for not posting on Thursday! But I swear I had a good reason! Between work and the Summer of ’16 collection it was either blog post or sleep. I need my sleep! But I will make it up to everyone with beautiful soapy pictures!


Fragrance oils! This is from my recent orders but I’m expecting more bottles tomorrow. This is my first time order 16 ounce bottles! I’m normally swapping between 2-4 ounces but when I see a huge demand for a scent I love I can’t resist! I’m expecting another 16 oz tomorrow. Can you guess what scents they are?

Now I’ll let you get a sneak peek of a returning soap. I’ll let you guys try to guess what this one is. The contrast is probably going to give it away for some of my customers. I can’t wait to see how vibrant the colors look in their photo shoot!

This last preview is a brand new soap to the shop! Again, the color might be a bit too easy but it took 3 different micas for this beauty! I hope the color turns out the way I want. This soap scent was a suggestion from my mom so if you like it once it’s out, thank her! 😉

I can’t resist making this guest post a picture from today! Normally I don’t but today is Italian saucy sunday! My boyfriend makes some amazing sauce and with my new herb garden the cilantro and oregano is slowing starving me while it simmers! Look at that photogenic man! 😛



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