Week-In-Instagram: Jun 26th- Jul 2nd

You didn’t think I wasn’t going to stop posting my Instagram pictures, did you? It’s been a relatively quiet week with a bit of sampler production! Orders, samplers and eating fresh fruit is 90% of my summer plans!

Blueberry Jam, Agave Lime and Island Coconut samples are out of the mold! 🤗

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I love the smell of summer soap samples in the morning! Try saying “summer soap samples” 5 times fast! All of the summer collection soaps are available for purchase! I haven’t made any for the wax tarts but if anyone would like to buy some summer scented wax I can whip up some fresh ones! I already have a soap sampler heading to Europe!

In restocking news I’m happy (and somewhat sad) to report that Peach Smoothie is down to the last bar of soap! I still have wax tarts available for sale though! I will not be restocking this soap as it was part of the spring line and I need to focus on my summer and future fall/winter collections for the holidays. It will be restocked next year though! I can’t give an exact date as I’m planning some big changes for the shop next year in terms of appearance and products. Stay tuned!

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