Seattle Vacation Recap!

It’s now been a week since I’ve come back from my Seattle vacation so I bundled my photos from Instagram into a nice collage! I enjoyed being away from work and home for a nice game of playing tourist in a city I live just outside of. I’m hoping to eventually see California for the first time since it will be much easier living on the west coast. I did take trips to Chicago, Disney World, NYC, Boston and Philadelphia while I’ve lived on the east coast so I’m happy I cleared the way for new adventures in the west. Los Angeles and Las Vegas are on my bucket list now!

The Chihuly Garden & Glass is one of my favorite tourist destinations in he Seattle Center. It’s in the same area as the Space Needle and Pacific Science Center and EMP museum! Talk about efficient! No matter what time of year you go it always looks different. I can’t decide if I like the inside or the outside displays better!

chihuly 1 chihuly 2

Every trip to Pike Place Market and the aquarium has to be met with this beautiful view. Still haven’t tried the ferris wheel. We wanted to but it was so hot that day we decided against it. Unfortunately, the area is still under construction so it’s a bit of a mess. Hopefully they’ll be done soon!

seattle pier

The final stop on our trip was outside the city center to the Woodland Park Zoo! The heat took a toll on some of the animals but we were still able to see a lot of them. I wish I had footage of the tigers fighting over a tree! I’m very glad I don’t have pictures of the bug house! Yuck!

woodland park zoo

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